20 June 2014

Lessons in beauty, courtesy of my mother

Image via Pinterest

I don't know about the rest of you lovely lot, but pretty much everything I learnt about skincare, make-up and generally looking after yourself, was from my wonderful mum. As a child I was actually pretty darn obsessed with beauty, I used to practice with my mum's old make up, recreating looks from magazines (including one hideous 'frosty' eye look). Actually I'm pretty sure that my conjunctivitus as a child was from getting so much old eyeshadow into my peepers.

Anyway, I digress. I just thought it would be nice to share some of the knowledge and little tips which I have picked up over the years from a rather lovely lady. Thanks Mum!

1. Baby lotion is a dream for taking your make-up off
- Yep, forget your fancy hot-cloth cleansers. Baby lotion gets rid of every scrap of make-up, its gentle, moisturising and smells so comforting. And it's incredibly cheap!

2. Drink water. Lots of it!
-Don't really think I need to elaborate on this one, do I?

3. Girly pampering sessions are the best
- Grab a face mask, do your nails, watch a chick flick. Always better done with another female.

4. Always blend your eyeliner
- Learnt the hard way with this one, and did go round with big, black rings encircling my eyes for some time. Blend, blend, blend. Subtley smoky is always a good look.

And even one from my Dad!:

5. Stop touching your face!
-True, this stops you from spreading oil and gems which are inevitably going to cause spots.

Its simple advice, but it works! What beauty tips did you inherit from your mums? xx

18 June 2014

Le Weekend

This weekend the Mr and I decided to get out and soak up a bit of sunshine. We headed to Arundel, a pretty little market town not too far away from us in West Sussex. There a castle, lake, and plenty of picnic spots, so what's not to love? After stopping at Partner's cafe for a bite to eat (We did not photograph our food first. We were that hungry), we decided to walk up to Swanbourne Lake and hire ourselves a rowing boat. And we saw the prettiest little pump-house along the way.

So we hired our little Sybil boat (and yes, we also bumped into Basil out on the lake!) and climbed aboard. And then I remembered how petrified I am of water. A lot. I spent the most part clutching the side of the boat nervously and doing quite a bit of backseat rowing (is that a thing?). Luckily Rob was very at home on the water and I did manage to relax and enjoy the scenery for a brief while.

This is not the face of one who is comfortable on water. Note the wary expression and furrowed brow.

After all that larking around on the lake we decided to have a wander around the park and induldge in some shameless posing.

Hand on hip is always a winner

There was some beautiful scenery, the sun was out and we caught some lambs sunbathing in the field

We also spotted the most charming little derelict boat-house, full of childrens scrawled names on the side.

Shortly after these snaps were taken, the heavens opened and absolutely drenched us. Still, we carried on and did a little window shopping of the multitude of antiques shops and marvelled at some of the prettiest and most darling little cottages. 

It was a lovely day and I'm sure we will be back before the end of summer. Have visited anywhere pretty lately?

16 June 2014

Motivational Monday #8

This is a phrase, quote, whatever it is, that rings true with me. There is a lot of pressure to be seen to be busy with work, friends, relationships, blogging etc, that people seem to forget to have time to relax and have fun. Or else you can end up feeling guilty about spending a precious day off doing very little except lounging around in pyjamas eating too many crisps and watching Netflix (is that just me?). Enjoy lazy days, savour them in their very laziness. Slow down the pace of your life and you will find you have more time to enjoy it.

Happy Monday all! x

14 June 2014

Weekly Loves #7

Well if it isn't that time of the week already. This week has been a lovely one, with some beautiful weather, although since I have spent most of it in the office I 'm looking forward to getting out and about this weekend and soaking up some sunshine. Here is what I have been loving this week:

- Evening strolls along the beach just as the sun is setting and the air is cooler. Letting the dog swim in the sea and walking barefoot, feeling the waves gently lapping around my ankles. Bliss.

- Being pleasantly suprised by a beautifully wrapped toffee and pecan muffin waiting for me when I hot home from work. He knows how to treat a girl!

-Buying more books than I can possibly read. I would actually rather buy books than clothes, bookshops are such peaceful, wonderful places

-After-work picnics on the beach. This time of year truly does make you appreciate living by the sea.

-Perhaps finding a bigger, nicer flat to live in, fingers crossed. The prospect of a hallway and a seperate kitchen rather than one that inhabits my lounge is making me a bit giddy. Easily pleased.

-The small yellow flowers appearing on my tomato plants. Does that mean they might bear some fruit this year? And I haven't killed them, right?

Here are some blog posts I have enjoyed this week, because it's nice to spread the love:

10 ideas to be romantic in Paris (I'm putting every one of these on my future Paris to-do list!)

Because who doesn't love stripes? And Laura's style is just gorgeous

A healthy Bounty bar?! Just made me dreams come true.

Well that was my week, and glorious one it was too! This weekend the Mr and I are taking a trip to Arundel to row boats, eat nice food and stroll in the sunshine. What are your weekend plans? xx

11 June 2014

Recently Pinned // Decor Inspiration

Pinterest fascinates me. I stumbed upon it when planning my wedding, and found that my humble ideas had soon swelled into lusting after millions of fairy lights draped around marquees and impossible perfect and quaint table decorations. Of course, the pinning didn't stop there. My Pinterest boards cover pretty much every facet of how I would like my life to be.

One thing I enjoy pinning is home decor. Now I live in a tiny rented one-bed flat, so the majority of pinning in this area falls between the 'inspiration for the future/ house of my wildest dreams' categories. Here is just a small sample of what I have found Pinterest-worthy lately (you can follow along on Pinterest here):

Clockwise from left:

- Crisp floral bedlinen and a wrought-iron bedstead gets me every time.
- I adore the stack of books by the doorway arch
- There's something about this bedroom. The mish-mash of patterns and textures lends it a bit of a bohemian vibe
- Fireplaces are always a good idea
- I'll take a beautiful desk flooded with natural light, please.

What have you been loving on Pinterest lately? Share a link to your page if you fancy x

09 June 2014

Motivational Monday #7

All throughout my life I have been been described as 'quiet'. And I am quiet, I suppose. I don't feel the need to fill a silence with mindless ramblings, sometimes silence is nice, and with the right person it can still feel comfortable. I always, always think before I speak, and mostly only say things that are worth saying. I have always felt a pressure to be more confident, loud, and talkative. Society reveres extroversion. But I now feel comfortable in being a woman of few words, and so I guess what I'm trying to inspire for this week is to talk less and listen more. You learn a lot that way.

Happy Monday.

07 June 2014

Weekly Loves #6

Yes, its that time of the week again for me to gush about all those little things that have been making me a happy lady this week. It's been a pretty full-on week at work so I'm quite happy to just completely chill this weekend, and just indulge in a few of my favourite things, which may include blogging, reading, drinking tea and walks by the seafront. Here is what has been making me smile for this past week:

- Celebrating Rob's birthday! We had a lovely day full of morning fry-ups, lazing on the beach, playing with the pooch, heading out for a pretty damn tasty dinner, and drinks and giggles back at ours. Oh, and not to forget the birthday cake I made!

-Discovering new (well, old actually) music, and totally falling in love with it. After watching 'Search for Sugar Man' on a whim, we discovered Rodriguez, who plays the most beautiful Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen-esque music. And now I am totally obsessed! Google him.

-Feeling quite pleased that my nails are actually growing and haven't decided to split and flake. Pretty sure it's to do with my slightly healthier diet lately, and an abundance of avocados!

-Having beautiful bright flowers around the house (courtesy of my lovely hubby!) and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. I do love summer..

-Sending off my passport application (yes, at the ripe old age of 23 I have never actually been abroad!), cannot wait to actually hold it in my hands and set off on all kinds of adventures!

-Discovering Bobi's loves and hates this week. For the record, loves: playing with balloons and looking a bit disappointed when he pops them, hates: cats, as soon as he spots one he's up at the window and won't come down for about 2 hours. Silly pup.

Here are some bloggy-bits I have enjoyed reading this week:

Hayley's round-ups of the things that make her happy. Who doesn't love midi-skirts and chemistry beaker candles!

Jenny's weekend vlog. I love watching these vlogs at the moment, and how cute is her little dog!

This The White Company candle dupe. Looks gorgeous.

What have you lovely people been loving this past week? xx

Images by Freepik